Judy Heraty

Reading & Writing- Our class has started doing their research for our Living Museum project. They are reading many interesting facts about their topic and jotting down the information. They will then narrow down the information into 5 Wow facts they learned and tell how they were able to change the world.  Each class will have a day in the MPR to come to life as their character and tell their WOW facts. They will also think about how they want to dress or if they want to bring a prop to help depict their character. Our day will be on  Wed. May 8th at 1:30 in the MPR

Math- We just took the MId Module test for Unit 6 .The students are getting very good at building arrays and showing the corresponding +,x, & division number sentences to go with the array. Have them build arrays at home using pennies or cheerios and show off their skills for you at home. They are very proud of themselves learning multiplication and division already.  Having your child work on Zearn & Xtra Math at home is helpful for reviewing the lesson and building up quick recall of their facts. Those students who have shown mastery of their + & - facts are working on their x facts already.

Social Studies-  We continue to study how communities change. Our trip to the Naper Settlement on April 18th will let them experience a blacksmith shop, printing press, mansion, log cabin, post office and another one room schoolhouse.

Science-  We've been reading about the importance of plants, the 6 different parts of a plant and the 2 jobs they do for the  plant.

Brag Night will be on April 25th in the classroom giving your child an opportunity to brag about all their hard work!

FYI- Lunchroom Update- Straw Update:
**A student activist at Emerson wanted to reform straw usage in our cafeterias. Unfortunately, totally eliminating straw usage was not an ideal solution. However, a compromise has been reached. Beginning Monday April 8, 2019, straws will be available upon request in the cafeteria. The food department will secure spork kits without straws and then students who want a straw may ask for one.

**An envelope went out today in case you would like to order an 8x10 photo of our class taken outside on April 22nd.  Payment needs to be returned by the 22nd if you are interested.