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Patricia Charatin

Dear SUPER Lincoln Families,
From my view, the year is off to a SUPER start, and I have enjoyed watching the students interact with their new teachers and classmates. SUPER Thank You to Mrs. DeRango and her team of volunteers who made the Back to School Pep Rally a success – and Thank You to Mother Nature who held off the rain until close to the end – What a way to make it a memorable event!

During Drop Off and Pick Up, please remain in your car and keep the Car Line moving both on Fairfield and Hillside. If your child needs help getting in and out of the car, please practice with your child. During inclement weather, especially, it helps to get the students into the building more quickly when students can open and close car doors themselves. This keeps the car line moving more smoothly and safely.

Also, please keep dogs at home, or on the other side of the street – away from school property – both at arrival in the morning and at dismissal in the afternoon.

PLEASE Join Me!!
I would love to have a SUPER group of Lincoln parents join me during Dr. Moyer’s State of the Schools address in the York High School Commons on Mon. Sept. 9 at 7PM. Please let me know ( if you can join me and I will reserve space for us all together.

Cub Scout Pack 23 - first pack meeting on August 27th:
Cub Scout Pack 23 is gearing up for its 2019-20 season and invites your son or daughter aged 5 and up to join! Scouting focuses on three character-building attributes: goal orientation, leadership, and preparedness. Plus, it's just a lot of fun to hike, camp and take part in the wide array of events we lead. We'll host a sign-up table during the first day of school and we hold our first pack meeting on August 27th. Email Cubmaster John Mansfield at for more information.

Residency and School Fees:
Please make sure your family’s…
… Residency is updated (lease, special residency, new address, etc.).
… Infosnap/Online Registration has been completed.
… School fees have all been paid.
Contact the school office if a reminder e-mail is needed.

Thrive D205 Wellness Partnership:
Thrive D205: A School & Community Wellness Partnership presents “HOW TO RAISE AN ADULT” featuring New York Times Bestselling Author Dr. Julie Lythcott-Haims at 7 P.M. on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2019 in the YORK
HIGH SCHOOL COMMONS. – LINK:  Dr. Julie Lythcott-Haims, Author of How to Raise An Adult, to Speak at York H.S.

Wed. Aug. 28 – First Late Arrival of the year (school starts at 9:45am)
Student Late Arrival Schedule is as follows:
…  9:30am Arrival Supervision begins 
…  9:37am Students enter building
…  9:43am Tardy bell (students enter through Fairfield doors)
…  9:45am Instructional day begins
…  11:55am Morning Kindergarten dismissed
…  12:45pm Supervision begins for Afternoon Kindergarten Arrival
…  12:55pm Afternoon Kindergarten Instructional day begins
…  3:00pm All students dismissed

Wed. Aug. 28 – Curriculum Night for PARENTS Only, 6pm
…  5:30-5:55pm: REACH (for parents of students already in REACH)
…  6-6:25pm: Session 1
…  6:30-6:50: Gym
…  7-7:25pm: Session 2
Mon. Sept. 2 – Labor Day – No School
Mon. Sept. 9 – State of the Schools at York 7pm
Wed. Sept. 11 – Late Arrival
Mon. Sept. 23 – Author Dr. Julie Lythcott-Haims at 7pm in York Commons

Please KNOW the following Lincoln nuts and bolts by end of First Week of School

Ins/Outs of Lincoln: To help things run smoothly we have several procedures in place. Everyone’s participation will help in providing a safe and orderly environment for all students. We appreciate your watchful attention, as well as your patience, as we help all students and families adjust to these routines. If at any point you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s classroom teacher or one of us in the office. We are here to help!

Lincoln Traffic Map:
Click LINK here, or view and print from the Lincoln website (under quick links for parents).

Arrival/Dismissal Routines: Students are encouraged to walk to school whenever possible. That being said, we realize parents need to drive children for a variety of reasons. Please follow all posted signs around
Lincoln. This includes time restricted access to streets adjacent to Lincoln, as well as any One-Way directions for the flow of traffic. Student Safety Patrols and Parent Patrol work together to help students safely cross intersections adjacent to Lincoln. Driver alertness and caution is vital. Students are also invited to ride bikes to school. All bikes must be secured to the available bike racks located on the east side of the blacktop. Students are required to walk bikes while on school grounds. Please note that it is imperative that all drivers remain in cars during arrival/dismissal. The car lane is a moving line of traffic and parked cars create hazards. A map of the process can be found on the school website.

Safety Reminder for Car Line on Hillside: 
After dropping off your child, please wait in your place in the car line, rather than moving out of line creating open spaces or trying to fill open spaces, at least until all cars in front of you have moved. Moving out of line creates a dangerous situation, especially with oncoming traffic. The staff outside on Hillside will keep the traffic moving. Please be watchful. Each morning students may be dropped off as early as 8am.

NO Parking at Epiphany Church: 
Please remember that, except for parishioners attending morning prayer group or people dropping off for the adult care center, there is no parking in the Epiphany parking lot during school drop off or pick up times. Please follow the traffic map to keep traffic flowing. Your consideration of our neighbors is greatly appreciated!

Kindergarten Routines: 
Kindergarten students are dropped off and picked up on Hillside at the sidewalk in front of the glass doors. You may walk, bike, or drive your child to and from school. If you choose to drive, please use the moving car line on Hillside. To keep the line flowing smoothly, we ask that you stay in your car and do not park your vehicle in the car line at any time. During arrival, kindergarten teachers stand on the sidewalk to meet children. Students line up in front of their teacher and wait for the bell to ring to enter the building. During dismissal, students wait in the same place on Hillside with the kindergarten teachers. Students identify their car and/or guardian and the teachers release students when they have visual confirmation. Please let your child's teacher know who will be picking them up on a regular basis. If there is a change in who is picking up your child, please notify the teacher or the office prior to dismissal. Please see the TRAFFIC map for guidance.

Regular Bell Schedule:
8:05 – First Bell
8:10 – Second Bell
8:15 – Tardy Bell – Start of the school day, students in their seats
Dismissal is at 3pm each day.

Lunch Routines: 
Students in Grades 1-5 may elect to stay at school or go home for lunch. Any student who is not staying at school for lunch must have a parent note stating the date that the child is allowed to go home for lunch. Students who return to school before the end of the 60-minute lunch block check in at the office. For safety reasons, any child without a note will not be allowed to leave campus. Please note there is no Student Safety Patrol during the lunch hour. Students who go home for lunch must exit through the office first and then the Fairfield doors, and must re-enter through the Fairfield entrance to check in at the office.

Lunch Schedule: 
All students have approximately 30 minutes to eat in the lunchroom as well as 30 minutes on the playground. (All lunch times are based on our specials schedule for each grade level, and that is why the schedule changes from year to year. If your child eats lunch later in the morning, please provide your child with a health snack each day – strictly limited to fresh fruits and vegetables – that can be eaten at some point in the morning.)
10:25-10:55 – 5th Gr at Recess
10:55-11:25 – 4th and 5th Eat Lunch, 2nd and 3rd at Recess
11:25-11:55 – 2nd and 3rd Eat Lunch, 1st and 4th at Recess
11:55-12:25 – 1st Eats Lunch

Late Arrivals: 
The schedule for Student Late Arrival Schedule is as follows:
…  9:30am Arrival Supervision begins 
…  9:37am Students enter building
…  9:43am Tardy bell (students enter through Fairfield doors)
…  9:45am Instructional day begins
…  11:55am Morning Kindergarten dismissed
…  12:45pm Supervision begins for Afternoon Kindergarten Arrival
…  12:55pm Afternoon Kindergarten Instructional day begins
…  3:00pm All students dismissed

Student Absences: 
Please report all student absences to the school. For your convenience there is a 24-hour number you may call to leave a message if your child will be absent for any reason. Please call 630-617-2366 to notify the school of the absence. As a District we feel strongly that regular attendance is vital to your child’s academic progress. Therefore, vacations and other planned absences are strongly discouraged. Please email Jen Barnabee (principal), Maggie Purtell (school nurse), and the classroom teacher with notice of a planned absence at least 2 weeks in advance of the absence in order for the absence to be recorded as excused.

Please contact Nurse Maggie Purtell with any questions about your child and medication he/she may need during the school day. To ensure student safety, all medication must go through the nurse’s office.

Volunteers and Visitors to Lincoln: 
All visitors to Lincoln enter through the main doors on Fairfield. Once buzzed into the building, visitors need to provide a state issued ID to the secretaries. Once cleared for building access, all visitors will receive a badge which must be worn during the visit, and then returned to the office upon the visitor’s exit of the building. This process helps provide a more secure environment for our students. Please plan time accordingly when attending a class program where many parents will be in attendance. On occasion, when extremely large crowds are expected, we will utilize an alternative process whereby visitors enter through Hillside and sign-in upon entrance to the building. Visitors in these cases, will be limited to the gym for a specific program (i.e. grade level sing). Parents are notified when changes to the normal visitor routine are in effect.

While rare, we do have procedures in place for emergencies which may require the school to go on lockdown. During a lockdown, no one may enter or exit the building. Additionally, movement within the building may be restricted. While social media tends to spread the word quickly when these instances occur, please know that official school/district communication will be sent to parents as quickly as possible. Our primary focus during an emergency is student safety and communication may be delayed longer than any of us might prefer. We ask that parents do not come to the school or call the office during a lockdown as we need all staff/resources available to focus on student safety.

Snacks at School: 
Students in Grades 1-5 may bring a healthy snack to school, strictly limited to fresh fruits and vegetables. Due to various student and staff allergies, some of which are life-threatening, no nut products may be brought into classrooms. Please read labels carefully. Additional restrictions may be in place in particular classrooms based on allergies in that room.

Communication throughout the School Day: 
If you need to get a message to your child, please contact the school office. Due to the disruption in learning associated with cell phones, Gizmos, Apple watches, and other such devices, all technological devices and toys brought into the school by students each day are expected to remain in backpacks. If you or your child need to get a message to each other, please respect the learning environment by using the office staff to help deliver these messages. Also, due to the rigorous teaching day, teachers are most often unable to check and respond to emails throughout the school day. If you send an email to your child’s teacher, you can reasonably expect an answer within 24 hours. If the message is more urgent, again, please be respectful of the learning environment by using the office staff to deliver important messages.

Communication with Teachers: Teachers should be the first point of contact regarding concerns and/or questions about academic progress, behavior, and social-emotional needs. All teacher contact information is available on our school webpage. Please plan to join us for our Curriculum Night on Wedneday, August 28, 2019 from 6-7:30pm. Curriculum Night is a parent only event. For parents of children in multiple grades, we will host two sessions to accommodate the opportunity to have time with each teacher. Each session will cover the same information. Staff will present information about what you can expect regarding your child’s classroom and school experiences this year. The schedule is as follows:
…  5:30-5:55pm: REACH
…  6-6:25pm: Session 1
…  6:30-6:50: Gym
…  7-7:25pm: Session 2

Communication with the Principal/Assistant Principal:
... Lincoln website 
... Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (@LincolnD205)
... Jen Barnabee, Principal –
... Kalissa Smith, Assistant Principal –

Parent Handbook:
Please review the Elementary Parent Handbook, available on the Lincoln homepage to become familiar with important District-wide procedures and practices. 

Follow is on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @LincolnD205

Mrs. B., Principal

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