5th Grade Patrol


At the beginning of the school year, we have over eighty 5th graders to train for patrol.  It takes around four weeks, training 20-25 new patrols each week, to get them all trained.  Early in the new school year, fifth graders indicate their interest in training, and some from each of the homerooms are trained each week, until all have received their initial training.  At that time, we begin a rotation where each homeroom’s patrols are on duty for a week, then off for several weeks before their turn comes around again.  There will be opportunities for patrols to train for the different patrol posts throughout the entire school year.  Once they've attended the one-time, after-school training with Mrs. D'Angelo, any patrol can train for any new post simply by coming in before school on any Wednesday they're not scheduled to work, and training with the on-duty patrol Wednesday and Thursday all day, then wear the belt Friday and demonstrate what they've learned.