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Native American

Native American

Tribe Regions


Use Britannica Online

  • For Mound Builders, you can use many different tribes: Mound Builder, Adena, Hopewell, Mississippian
  • For all other tribes, just type in name
  • For more information, change the Article Level to 2 (middle school)

Use BrainPop

  • For Aztec, Maya and Inca


Ducksters: Inca Empire

At the bottom of the page, under "For More About the Inca Empire," you'll find more links about the Inca.

Kids Discover: Inca

You'll see a magazine page under "Incas."  Click on the magazine page.  Use CTRL and the + sign on the keyboard to make it even larger.  Use the arrows on either side to view more pages.

Ancient Inca: Fast Facts

Inca: Ancient Civilization

Inca Facts

More links are on the left.


Please read the instructions under each website to learn about what each website contains and how to find the information.
Click on the topics on the right hand side to find more information.
Nice short article on Mound Builders.
Great place to find the basics about the Mound Builders.
Information on specific mounds.


Please read the instructions under each website to learn about what each website contains and how to find the information.
Wonderful site to begin your research. Make sure you click on all the links like "History," "Mayan Mythology," and "Alignment." Look for the "Next" button in the bottom corner to get all of the information.
All about the collapse of the Mayans. Look for "Why did Copan collapse?" When you click on it, you'll be able to explore Copan and find clues as to why the Maya collapsed.
Another good summary of the Maya.

Maya Overview


Aztecs for Kids

Aztec Overview

KidsKonnect:  Ancient Aztecs

Aztecs: Kids Discover

You'll see a magazine page under "Incas."  Click on the magazine page.  Use CTRL and the + sign on the keyboard to make it even larger.  Use the arrows on either side to view more pages.

Aztec History


Please read the instructions under each website to learn about what each website contains and how to find the information.
Nice information on how they lived and how they died out.
Nice summary of Anasazi history and culture.

Holiday Project

Holiday Project

Remember to write down only the treasure words! Ask yourself does this sentence answer my questions about history and traditions. Also, do not just tell us what the traditions are. Tell us why the traditions are followed.


Scholastic: Hanukkah
Wonderful site!!! Make sure you click on all the images to get to the information. Be on the look for icons of headphones and arrows to get even more information.

What is a dreidel? Why is it used during Hanukkah?

Type in Hanukkah to get the most results

Factmonster: Hanukkah
Good place for both history and traditions

Akhlah: Hanukkah for Children
Great site! But do not get confused, the section that says "Traditions" is more about history. Check out "Menorah" and "Recipes" for information on traditions.

PBS Hannukah


Guide to Chinese New Year

This site tells you about the 2010 New Year.  Checkout the links under Traditions and Historical Informaiton.

Chinese Traditions
This is a wonderful that explains the reasons for many of the Chinese New Year Traditions

Chinese New Year Food
Go here for to learn the symbolism of Chinese New Year foods.  It even has how the name is written in Chinese!

Chinese Calendar
Click here to learn about the dates for Chinese New Year 2009

Chinese New Year: Jackie Chan
Great site for history and traditions

Type "Chinese New Year" into search box and look at first 3 sites

Thinkquest: Chinese New Year
Great site for traditions

Chinese New Year
Great site for traditions and history. Make sure that you check out the other links on the page.

Chinese New Year-Spring Festival

Great site with history, traditions, and food.


Factmonster: Cinco de Mayo
What does Cindo de Mayo really celebrate? Check here.
Cinco de Mayo for Kids
Excellent site about when and why Cinco de Mayo is celebrated.

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo
Nice brief summary of why we celebrate Cinco de Mayo and click on the Recipe Sombrero for recipes.


Dia de los Muertes
Great site. Come here for the history and traditions of this holiday.

Day of the Dead
Good place for traditions.

Day of the Dead in Mexico
Click on the Traditions tab. Make sure you check out the links on the left for different ways that Day of the Dead is celebrated in different parts of Mexico. Also, check out the Reciples tab for food ideas.

Factmonster: Day of the Dead
Good for history and traditions

Factmonster: Cool Stuff
Good for traditions


Fact Monster: Diwali
Good for history and traditions. Read this article closely so you can tell what is a tradition and what is Diwali's history.

Indian Festivas: Diwali
Good for traditions.

Diwali Festival
This page is good for history. Click on the "Celebrations" link to find out about traditions and the day of Diwali

An 8 year old's Diwali
Good place to find an easy to understand explanation of Diwali and its traditions. Check out the recipe!

Indian Child

Brief intro to Diwali

Check out the Brain POP video on Diwali


Factmonster: Kwanzaa
Great for history and traditions

Scholastic: Kwanzaa
Wonderful site! Make sure you click on all the pictures and arrows to discover all the wonderful information

PBIS Kwanzaa

Melanet: Kwanzaa
Both history and traditions. Use the links on the right to quickly get to what you need

Meaning of Kwanzaa
Simple explanations of the history and traditions

Official Kwanzaa Site
Use the links on the left to learn more about Kwanzaa


Factmonster: Ramadan
Excellent explanation of the Ramadan's history and traditions

PBS Kids Ramadan

Social Studies for Kids: Ramadan
Click on the sites for more information

Check BrainPOP for their Ramadan video


Rosh Hashanah Survival Kit
Wonderful site to be introduced to this holiday. It's question and answer format will answer a lot of our questions!

Social Studies for Kids: Rosh Hashanah
Click on the links for great information about history and traditions

Akhlah: Rosh Hashanah
Click on Traditions, Tashlich, Shofar, and make sure you scroll to the bottom to see the dates of Rosh Hashanah

Natural Disasters

Planet Project

Follow the directions under each website to find ALL the information you need. Read each site carefully!!!
The first 2 sites will answer most of your questions! You can use the rest for other interesting facts.

Grolier Online Encyclopedia

Type in the name of your planet. Click "Fast Facts" tab.  Then click "Mercury (Sidebar).
Fact Monster: The Solar System
Scroll down to find your planet and then click on it. You'll find a great chart with quick facts on the planet.
PebbleGo: Earth and Space

Click "Science" then "Earth and Space Sciences," then "Space Science," and then "Planets," and finally choose your planet 

Kids Astronomy
Click on your planet. Look on the right hand side of the screen to see some quick facts. Click on "More" to find more information.
  Nine Planets for Kids
Scroll down and click on your planet.

Southeast History

Don't forget to check Grolier  and Britannica  for more info

Check the websites tab in Grolier to find even more information!!

KidsClick American History :  Click on Slavery, Civil War, and Underground Railroad

IPL for Kids : Type in topic you are looking for

Biome Research

Make sure to use PebbleGo and Britannica on the main library page.

PebbleGo Next

MGB Biomes


Blue Planet

World's Biomes

Biomes of the World



Holidays Around The World

State Research



State Games


Pics4Learning: States

Students can also use the Groilier, Britannica, and Culturegrams databases which can be found on the main library page.  Please contact Mrs. Walton, Lincoln Librarian, at for the username and password for home use of the databases.