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Birthday Book Program

We will be continuing with the Birthday Book donation program at Lincoln this year. Instead of donating gently used books, parents can donate to our Birthday Book Program. With a Birthday Book donation, we can assure that the LRC is receiving books that are the most up-to-date and that they align to the curriculum. Participation in the program involves a donation of $20 per book. With your donation, your child will be invited down to the LRC to choose his/her book with my guidance. A commemorative bookplate with your child’s name will be placed in the book. Also, your child will be the first student to check out the new book.

Even if your child’s birthday was earlier in the year or near the end of the school year, you can still donate a Birthday Book. Your support not only encourages your child’s love for reading, it will help the LRC collection grow in leaps and bounds!

If you are interested in participating in the Birthday Book Program, please complete the Birthday Book form and turn it in with your $20 (per child) donation. Please make checks payable to Lincoln Elementary School. Feel free to write topics or titles on the form that your child loves to help direct their book choice.

Deadline to donate books for this year is December 13.

Using deadlines will make ordering easier and make sure that students receive their books in a timely manner.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Monarch Award

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All throughout Illinois, kindergarten through 3rd grade read the Monarch books.  In order to vote students must read or listen to at least 5 of the 20 Monarch books.  Students vote for their favorite in February.

All students will hear a booktalk on the Monarchs and they will receive a list of the Monarchs.

Monarch Site

This Year's Master List

Bluestem Award

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In order to fill the gap between the Monarch Award and the Rebecca Caudill award, Illinois librarians created the Bluestem Award for 3rd-5th graders.  Students must read 4 of the 20 Bluestem books in order to vote for their favorite in March.

When Lincoln students finish a Bluestem, they will sign the pillar in the library that represents each Bluestem.

This year students in grades 3 and 4 who read all 20 Bluestems will receive a fast pass for next year’s Bluestems.  Students with a fast pass will get first choice of the Bluestems for next school year.  Students must fill out the Bluestem Reading form and it must be signed by a parent for students to be eligible.  5th grade students who complete the form will have a poster made of them reading their favorite book which will be posted in the library.  

Here is the Bluestem Reading Log.

Please encourage your children to try these wonderful titles.

This Year's List

Official Bluestem Site

Rebecca Caudill Award

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4th-8th grades throughout Illinois read the Rebecca Caudill books and vote for their favorite in February.  Students must read or listen to 3 of the 20 Caudill books to vote.

At Lincoln, we have a special program to encourage our 4th and 5th graders to read the Caudills.  Throughout the library, there are pillars that have the names of each Caudill.  When students finish a Caudill,  they sign the pillar that has the title of the book they just finished.  It's a wonderful way to show who has read the books and it makes the library so colorful!

This year students in grade 4 who read the 15 books we have at the Lincoln LRC will receive a fast pass for next year’s Caudills.  Students with a fast pass will get first choice of the Caudills for next school year.  Students must fill out the Caudill Reading form and it must be signed by a parent for students to be eligible.  5th grade students who complete the form will get to be a poster featuring their favorite book.

Here is the Caudill Reading Log.

This Year's Master List

Rebecca Caudill Site

Best Book Return

One of our goals at the Lincoln Library is to have as few overdue books as possible.  To accomplish this goal, we have the Best Book Return Contest.

Once a week, I look for the classes that have 2, 1, and no overdue books.  I announce these classes during the morning announcements.

At the end of the month, the class that has the smallest amount of overdue books wins the Best Book Return Trophy for the next month.

At the end of the year, the class with the least amount of overdues wins the their class picture on the Best Book Return Poster.