Lincoln Elementary School

Planet Project

Follow the directions under each website to find ALL the information you need. Read each site carefully!!!
The first 2 sites will answer most of your questions! You can use the rest for other interesting facts.

Grolier Online Encyclopedia

Type in the name of your planet. Click "Fast Facts" tab.  Then click "Mercury (Sidebar).

Fact Monster: The Solar System
Scroll down to find your planet and then click on it. You'll find a great chart with quick facts on the planet.

PebbleGo: Earth and Space

Click "Science" then "Earth and Space Sciences," then "Space Science," and then "Planets," and finally choose your planet 

Kids Astronomy
Click on your planet. Look on the right hand side of the screen to see some quick facts. Click on "More" to find more information.

  Nine Planets for Kids
Scroll down and click on your planet.