Lincoln Elementary School

Lincoln Singers

LINCOLN SINGERS                                                                                                          
The expectations are to help make this year as successful as possible.  Members of Lincoln Singers are expected to be at all rehearsals.  A student is considered excused from rehearsal if:

  • the student is absent from school.
  • the student is working with a teacher at the teacher’s request and brings a note to me from the teacher within the school day.
  • I receive a parent note explaining why the student will not be in rehearsal.

A student is considered unexcused from rehearsal if:

  • The student forgets to come to rehearsal.
  • The student is with a teacher at the teacher’s request but forgets to bring a note.
  • The student arrives at rehearsal later than 7:30 AM.

Choir should be a fun and exciting opportunity for everyone to learn how to work together and make beautiful music.  We need every student’s commitment in order to make it a great year together!

Sponsor:  Mrs. Cowger
Who Can Attend?  Any 4th or 5th grader

Sponsor:  Mrs. Cowger