Lincoln Elementary School


Marketing and Communications

Q:  How do I get information out to the Lincoln Community about my Lincoln PTA related event or activity?


A:  There are three ways to share information about upcoming PTA events


1)  PTA Weekly Email:  The "blast" is a weekly email communication that is created by the PTA President and distributed to all Lincoln PTA members by the Corresponding Secretary.  Generally, the information included in the blast should relate to events that are happening within a week or two of the date of the email.  


If you would like information included in the blast, please send an email to the current PTA President by end of day Sunday for the following week's blast.  The blast goes out on either Monday or Tuesday of each week.   


2) PTA website:  This website is an excellent resource for updating news and hosting documents or PDF's that you have created for your event.  The documents can be posted on the front page of this website or can be included in an event sub-section.  Also, the weekly email blast can link to these documents as well as any additional verbiage or forms related to your event.  If you would like information included on the PTA website, please send the information to the current Corresponding Secretary with the verbiage you would like included, where you would like it posted and how long you would like it active on the site.


3)  Flier home in student folders  You may decide that your event will benefit from a paper flier sent home in student backpacks.  Some examples may be where a written authorization is required, or a written RSVP is requested.  If this is your communications preference, there a few steps to follow for distribution:

  a) create a flier for your event

  b)  use the student count list in the copy room at school to produce the correct number of fliers needed for each classroom.

  c) organize the fliers into classroom groups and place each group in the corresponding teacher's mailbox in the teacher lounge.


Expense Reimbursement

Q:  I need to buy supplies for my Lincoln PTA event. How do I pay for them?


A:  There are two ways to pay for PTA related expenses and both involve completing the Check Request Form (also available on the home page of the Lincoln PTA website.) 


The first and most common way is that you buy the supplies you need and  then submit a reimbursement form and all related receipts to the President. If all expenses are within your committee's budget, the President will approve the form and then send it to the Treasurer to issue a check.  


The second way is to use the PTA reimbursement form and ask that an invoice be paid directly to a vendor. In that case, please attach the vendor invoice including mailing address to the reimbursement form and submit it to the President as above.  


Budget Process

Q: How does Lincoln PTA establish it's budget?


A:  The budget process for Lincoln PTA is as follows: 


1) the Budget Committee is convened at the end of the summer to review committee budget requests and to compile a new budget for the upcoming school year.  This budget is presented at the August PTA meeting and voted on at the September PTA meeting.

2) after the close of our two big fundraisers - Carnival and Book Fair - the Budget Committee reconvenes in December to review the year's budget and to propose any amendments.  The revised  budget (if any) is presented to membership at the January PTA meeting for vote.

3) at the end of each year, the Treasurer proposes an Interim Budget which will allow the PTA to meet its financial obligations until the full Budget is voted on at the September PTA meeting. 


Q: I thought I only needed a certain amount of budget for my program, but now I think I need more.  Can I ask for more budget for my committee? 


A:  Members and committees may ask for additional funding during the year.  The first step is to complete the Funding Request form.  Detailed information about what to do is included in the document.  All requests will be presented and voted on at the next monthly PTA meeting.  You are encouraged to attend the meeting at which your request will be considered in order to answer any questions.   


The Food "Rules"

Q: I want to have food at my event but I'm confused about the rules regarding food. What are "The Rules?"


A:  The first question to ask yourself when it comes to food at a PTA event is: "Does my event really need food?"  The PTA is encouraging all volunteers to think creatively about rewards and incentives at our events and to try to match the reward with the accomplishment.


However, if food is deemed a necessary and integral part of an event during school hours or during an event after regular school hours where a large number of Lincoln students will be present, then the most important thing to know is that all final decisions regarding food options for PTA events within Lincoln School at any time of day rest with the Principal of Lincoln School.  Please note that the Principal's guidelines for Lincoln regarding food may change during the course of the year for any reason, including in response to newly identified allergen threats to students within the building.  


Therefore, all food options for any PTA event should be discussed and receive approval from the Principal of Lincoln School PRIOR to finalizing food plans - even if the food item you want to offer has been offered in the past without restriction. 


- any events that take place within a classroom must be coordinated with the classroom teacher. The teacher is responsible for coordinating with the school nurse with regards to food approvals.  At this time (August 2016) all food for in-class events must be commercially prepared (ie., store bought) and must include an ingredients list for all items.  There is a detailed approval procedure in place that the teacher will follow prior to the party being allowed. Please do NOT purchase items or advertise a food list until final approvals have been received from the teacher.  


- any events that take place in common areas of the school (gym, playground or MPR) MUST offer food that is commercially prepared as well as ingredient lists for all items.  The procedure for how information will be shared regarding the menu will be decided on a case by case basis and will involve the Principal and the school nurse. 


- any events that take place in the Teacher's Lounge may be store bought or home made.  Items for the Teacher's Lounge, as it is an adult only area of the school, do not need to be pre-approved by the Principal. 


Q:  I have heard something about balloons recently. Can we use them in decorating?


A:  Lincoln was recently informed that like some other schools in the district we are to be balloon free. This is in response to specific health needs of students/staff.  This restriction includes all balloons--latex and mylar. Signs have been posted to remind visitors to Lincoln that no balloons are allowed.


Please think creatively about other decorating options!  


Q:  I have been asked to sign a contract with a vendor for a Lincoln PTA related event or activity. Can I do that?


A:  The only person who can sign a contract on behalf of the Lincoln PTA is the President.  Please direct all contracts to the President for review, approval and signature.