Lincoln Elementary School

Rebecca Caudill

4th-8th grades throughout Illinois read the Rebecca Caudill books and vote for their favorite in February.  Students must read or listen to 3 of the 20 Caudill books to vote.

At Lincoln, we have a special program to encourage our 4th and 5th graders to read the Caudills.  Throughout the library, there are pillars that have the names of each Caudill.  When students finish a Caudill,  they sign the pillar that has the title of the book they just finished.  It's a wonderful way to show who has read the books and it makes the library so colorful!

This year students in grade 4 who read the 15 books we have at the Lincoln LRC will receive a fast pass for next year’s Caudills.  Students with a fast pass will get first choice of the Caudills for next school year.  Students must fill out the Caudill Reading form and it must be signed by a parent for students to be eligible.  5th grade students who complete the form will get to be a poster featuring their favorite book.

Here is the Caudill Reading Log.

This Year's Master List

Rebecca Caudill Site