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Mrs. McNees




Hello Parents!


Here is an update on what we have been doing in class.


Reading:  We are continuing our study of non-fiction texts. The students have been learning how to use background knowledge, predictions about the text, pictures, and headings to help prepare for reading.  We have also been working on asking high-level and thought-provoking questions about our reading and using strategies to figure out complex vocabulary. Next week, we will be looking for the main idea of the text and using our questioning techniques to have conversations about our reading.


Writing:  The students have written a biography about a person of interest to them.  We will be working in the next week to add an interesting introduction and conclusion to this biography.  We have also begun our DARE essays. These are due Thursday, January 31st. The students have begun these essays in class but will need to work on them a bit at home as well.


Math:  In math, we are working on addition and subtraction of fractions and mixed numbers.  We have talked about strategies to find the lowest common denominator and how to group our fractions to make the problems simpler.  Next week we will be focusing on story problems involving fractions and strategies for solving multi-step problems.


Science: In science, we have also begun our unit on sound and light.  The students have read about both transverse and longitudinal waves and the parts of these waves.  Next week, we will be using slinkies and ropes to demonstrate how these waves move.


REACH Placement: REACH notifications will be sent via SchoolMessenger on February 1. Only families of students who are identified for REACH in the 2019-2020 school year will receive email communication from District Office.


Important Dates:


1/23/19- Outdoor Ed. Forms and Fees Due


1/31/19 DARE Essays Due


Have a wonderful weekend!  Thank you!


Jaime McNees