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Home For Lunch

For students who go home for lunch- please exit through the Hillside doors. This will eliminate any confusion about students entering cars and raising flags for our lunchroom supervisors off the playground.

Homework during illness

As a school, we ask that when requesting your child’s homework because they are absent due to an illness you call the office or email the teacher the day before you’d like to pick it up  This allows sufficient time for the work to be put together.

Additional Rescources


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Stephanie De Grado

Class News

Thank you!

I feel so loved and after a wonderful week.  Thank you for everything you did for teacher appreciation week.  My bouquet was beautiful, the chalk grams were so cute, the lattes really hit the spot, and the luncheon is always the highlight of the week.  Thank you very much; I truly appreciate all the work it took to put on such a special week.



We are wrapping up unit 10 this week with a big new concept.  "Order of Operations" ie 12+2x7=26, not 98, because you multiply first rather than add.  I have the kids write "P.E.M&D.A&S" and we use the mnemonic device "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally" or “Purple Elephants Marching Down A Street” to remember the correct order to perform the operations: Parenthesis, then Exponents (which I just touch on to explain but not scare anyone J), Multiplication and Division, then Addition and Subtraction.  Here is a link to a brain pop video the kids will watch to help explain I'm going to start with "what an operation is" at then head to for more!  This challenging math often proves to be very fun for the kids.


​Book Recommendations
With Summer quickly approaching, I would like to inspire as much summer reading as possible!  Students will each be recommending a book to their classmates at morning meeting the next two weeks and we will compile a list to send home.  Also, Mrs. D'Angelo came to talk to the class about some of her recommendations and the Elmhurst Public Library will be presenting to our class next week about the summer reading program, prizes to win, and goals to set.
​(Elmhurst Public Library Site Info)
Event Type: Family Program
Age Group(s): Kids
Date: 6/3/2017
Start Time: All Day
 Bring the whole family to sign up for "Camp Curiosity" our awesome summer reading program. You can sign up starting today. Camp Curiosity runs June 3 - August 12. Kick Off Day is full of fun, with face painters, a juggler, and puppet shows throughout the day. Join us!
Other Information:
 Bring your EPL card or your school report card to sign up for Camp Curiosity. All ages are welcome!

Class News

Brag Night

Bring Relatives Attention to Growth Night will be this Wednesday, May 3rd.  Your student will show you all the hard work he or she has been doing this year along with some of our recent plant experiments.  In order for you to have time to stop in each of your children's classrooms, we will have about 10-15 minutes of things to do, along with optional games for those who have extra time.  BRAG Night is an open house format in all classrooms so please stop by anytime between 6:00-7:30.  Hope to see you then!


Museum Day

Your child recently brought home a flyer brochure from the 21st Annual Elmhurst Museum Day which is Sunday May 21st from 1-5 where all Elmhurst Museums are Free and I wanted to highly recommend this activity.  In class students have been learning how communities change over time and we are now starting our study of Elmhurst History.  The Elmhurst History Museum has a “House and Home” exhibit going on now, along with their regular displays of items from the past, which would really support and extend this learning.  Unfortunately for the first time this year our field trips were limited so we were unable to go as a class.  We chose Naper Settlement for our field trip which was a fantastic experience but the museum would also prove invaluable to the students’ learning.  If you are unavailable on May 21st, Elmhurst students still enter the History Museum for free any day and adults are only $2 so I’d recommend it for a fun activity any time!


Miss Barto’s Last Day

Friday, May 12th will be Miss Barto’s last day in our classroom.  The students have really enjoyed having her and have benefited immensely by having two teachers in the classroom helping them learn.  I think they’re really going to miss her, especially her silly reading voice and the fun way she teaches science.  I am putting together a gift basket of “teacher stuff” for her and if you would like to add anything (cute stickers, fun pens/markers, books) or send any monetary contributions I can add a gift card to Target from the class to buy more classroom supplies.  This is of course completely voluntary so please do not feel the need to send anything, I just wanted to give it as an option.  If you do send anything, please note it as “To Mrs. De Grado” so that Miss Barto can be surprised.  We are sad to see her go but know that we’ve helped her learn and she’s helped us learn so much!



Our last MAPS testing of the year will be this Thursday afternoon and next Monday afternoon.  This test will show us the growth they have made throughout the year.  There is no “studying” to do for this test, but a conversation with your child about doing their best and taking their time, eliminating any answer choices they know are wrong, using scratch paper to solve, etc. would be a great way to prepare.  Also, please do your best to have your child get a good night rest and have a healthy breakfast and snack that day.


Reminder: Our Spring Sing choral concert is next Thursday, May 11th at 11:00 (lasting about 20 minutes)

Double Digit Subtraction Model

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Elapsed Time Model

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Double Digit Addition Model

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Book Recommendations for 2nd Graders

Welcome to the Bed and Biscuit

Knights of the Lunch Table (Dodgeball Chronicles)

Lunch Lady Series

Squish Series (similar to Lunch Lady)

Cinderella Smith

Lulu Walks the Dogs

Ivy and Bean

Underworlds Series

Stone Rabbit

Fairy Chronicles


The public library has a list of grade level books for girls and boys:


Students can get a head start on the Monarchs for next year:


As 3rd graders they will also be able to read the Bluestems which is like the Monarchs for 3rd-5th grade:


Ideas to help at home :)


·  Write a summary

·  Write a letter to a character

·  Write a letter to the author

· Pretend you’re the author and tell why you wrote the book

· State 3 things you learned after reading the story

·  If the book could talk, what would it say about itself?

· Change the setting, ending, and/or action and tell how it affects the story.

· Think of a different way for the main character to solve his or her problem.

·  Make a recording (ipod or cassette tape) of you reading the story

· Illustrate a favorite part of the story

· Tell the three best parts of the book

· Role-play one of the characters and act like they would.  You can even dress up like them!

· Making connections  text to self- tell how something similar happened to you or text to text- tell how something similar happened in another text you’ve read.  Or text to world- tell how it reminds you of something else you know.

· Ask questions

· Find the meaning of interesting words in a dictionary or on the internet

· Make a prediction, what might happen next or in the sequel?  Challenge-Write the sequel! 

· Make a Venn Diagram about 2 characters in the story

Class News Q: and A:

Parent questions are often a good reminder of what I should write in my newsletters so often I will add your email questions to my newsletter so everyone gets the same information.  Below is a Q and A which I thought you might find helpful as our newsletter this week.


Q: Also are there going to be different math sections (groups)….low, mid and high?

I do both whole group and small group lessons in math daily and for most units they are ability based.  Today we were counting money with bills such as 2 $100s, 4 $10s and 6 $1s to get the final total of $246.  At first some students struggled with this but after our small group lesson and centers practice, all seemed to have a good handle on it. 

If you would like to practice this skill at home, have your child teach you our “bill top-it” game.


Q: Can I have my child write her own reading minutes down on the assignment sheet?

A: I would prefer that a parent write the minutes as they are initialing the sheet so that numbers don’t get changed, especially later in the year when we have “reading races”.  Also please indicate a zero if there was a day your child was not able to read.


Q: Do we have to write the exact amount of minutes read or practiced?  We do not time our child when reading.

A: I do not expect that you have an exact time but please write your best estimate just so I can get a sense of about how long your child is reading nightly.



PLEASE look over your child's homework with them before they return it to school and help them fix any errors or omissions.  This helps your child learn from their mistakes rather than continue to make them.  Please also help ensure their name and number is on the paper (even if there is no "name" line) and if he or she struggled, please write a note on the homework or the weekly assignment sheet so I can be sure to review the concepts with him/her.  We are working on good responsibility habits and becoming independent but for now many still need reminders. :) 

On all tests and quizzes that come home, please fix any errors or omissions with your child, then return the test/quiz, signed to school. 

On Fridays please have your child complete his or her spelling rewrites (Friday’s homework if any words were wrong on test) on the back of the assignment sheet or stapled on if more room or different paper is needed.)  Many students are forgetting rewrites so this will help me to keep track.  Thank you! 

Daily Homework

Students should be reading for 20 minutes each night and practicing math facts for 5-10 mintues.  "Facts" on the homework sheet implies math facts.  Right now students should be working on addition.  Students may use flash cards, paper/pencil exercises, or practice on a computer game/board game.  These are the most important homework activities for 2nd graders to ensure they achieve reading and math fact fluency in order to later focus on other concepts rather than getting stuck on words or computation.  Throughout this year we will move from addition to subtraction and if those are both mastered (5 mins for 100 facts), some students may go on to multiplication or even division (our focus is only addition for now; we start subtraction in the 2nd trimester).  Please write how many minutes your child is practicing reading and "facts" on his or her assignment sheet daily so I can keep track.  Thank you!

Specials Schedule

Monday: Music

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: LRC/TRC (*Bring books to return!) and PE (Please wear or bring gym shoes) 

Thursday: Music & Guest Reader

Friday: PE (Please wear or bring gym shoes) 

Order Scholastic Books Online

Help our class earn free books by ordering Scholastic online!

Click here for the site

Instructions are under the locker tab :)

Helpful Reminders

Friday Homework=no paper homework if all homework is turned in during the week; only to correctly rewrite any spelling words that were incorrect on the test 5 times each.  Please do this on the back of the spelling test and return on Monday. 

Assignment Sheet=These will be turned in every Monday (or Tuesday when we do not have school Monday). 

Fun Sites to Practice Math Facts

Math Magician

Everyday Math 

Spacey Math

Math Baseball

If you find any others, please let me know so I can share :) 

Learn To Type!

Try this site - learn to type!


Contact Mrs. De Grado

De Grado, Stephanie
Second Grade Teacher

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Math (MAPS)- Use your MAPS score to practice at your level.

Reading (MAPS)- Use your MAPS score to practice at your level.

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On The Homefront