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Principal's Newsletter 2/19/2019

Dear SUPER Lincoln Families,
Lots of SUPER NEW NEWS in this NEWSLETTER! Please continue reading to be up to date on all the important new events coming our way!

SUPER Thank YDDou!
Thank you to Tracey Janowitz who helped us kick off our month-long SUPER Kindness Campaign! Mrs. Janowicz met with each Buddy Classroom on Feb. 21 to energize the students about being kind to ourselves and each other. For Mrs. Janowitz, the 21st of every month is designated as Kindness Day. She will be back on Mar. 21 to help us celebrate all the acts of kindness our children have been inspired to spread this month.

To help us in this journey, we need your help! When you and your family find yourselves spreading kindness, please take a picture and/or video, and send it to me along with a short blurb about what the picture shows: In order to have everything organized for our celebration, I need to receive your pictures and videos by Mon. Mar. 18 at the latest. Please keep videos under 20 seconds.

Elmhurst Reflections Exhibit
The Elmhurst Reflections exhibit opens TODAY, February 22nd from 6:30-8:00pm! Come see all of the art work that students entered from around the district! The exhibit is free and open to the public at the Judith B Salon. Entries will be on display, musicians will play their pieces and dance and film videos will be on the big screen. If you cannot make it this Friday, don't worry! You can still visit! The display will be open from February 22 through March 30.

Explore More Day
Lincoln's 6th Annual Explore More Day is scheduled on the afternoon of Friday, March 1st.  Explore More Day is a fun filled day where students are able to expand their knowledge as they learn about various hobbies, careers and other special interests. This is truly a great day for Lincoln students, and we are excited to offer an amazing line up of presenters.  Please note...
In order to maximize the amount of time available for this fun event, all students will eat lunch from 11-12.   

Lincoln will be doing a ONE DAY all school collection for 2 wonderful organizations participating in Explore More Day.  We will be collecting packaged planting seeds (i.e. flowers, plants, vegetables, etc.) for DuPage Habitat for Humanity.  Additionally, the Hinsdale Humane Society will be accepting clean, used towels and small blankets. Donations should be brought to school on March 1st as this is a one-day collection.  There will be a table set up in the first grade hallway for your donations.  

Illinois Assessment of Readiness
Our students take federally required assessments every spring. These assessments help us understand how our students are growing academically, compared to their peers across the state. The district uses this information to measure our students’ growth from year to year. This year, the English language arts and math assessment for grades 3-8 is called the Illinois Assessment of Readiness.  The Illinois Assessment of Readiness is almost exactly the same this year as the assessment that students took last year, only slightly shorter.

Here is our Lincoln IAR schedule – please be aware, as these dates are the week we return from spring break:

Wed, Apr 3 - ** Late Arrival **
….. AM:  Math 1 - 60 min
….. PM:  ELA 1 - 75 min 3rd Gr, 90 min 4th and 5th
Thurs, Apr 4
….. AM:  Math 2 - 60 min
….. PM:  ELA 2 - 75 min 3rd Gr, 90 min 4th and 5th
Fri, Apr 5
….. AM:  Math 3 - 60 min
….. PM:  ELA 3 - 75 min 3rd Gr, 90 min 4th and 5th

Upcoming PI Day
Pi Day is traditionally one of the only days that “officially” celebrates mathematics. Historically, Pi Day has been celebrated by asking students to memorize the non-repeating digits of Pi and reciting those on Pi Day, often in a competitive environment. In our 21st century, technology-rich society, memorization of digits is not only unnecessary, focusing on memorization detracts from the power of mathematics in our world.

Elmhurst teachers who plan Pi Day activities starting this year and moving forward will be highlighting the problem-solving nature of mathematics by guiding students in investigations with and around Pi. Why is the number made of non-repeating digits? What role has Pi played in mathematics, engineering, and society over the centuries? What other applications are there for Pi outside of calculating circular area and spherical volume? There are so many interesting ways to celebrate mathematics’ most famous constant. Moving forward, we choose to celebrate the wonder, beauty, and power of mathematics on Pi Day in powerful ways that go beyond the memorization of digits.

Queen of Hearts Raffle
Play the raffle with a chance to win the pot! Half of the proceeds benefit the Foundation. Tickets sold at Cottage Hill Station – 122 S. York – Open for lunch and dinner (no purchase required). Tickets are six for $5. Drawing Thursdays between 7:30-8:00pm.

TOP Pizza “Taste of Elmhurst” April 11, 2019
It is time for the D205 Foundation’s 8th Annual TOP Pizza “Taste of Elmhurst.” The date is April 11, 2019, from 5:30 - 7:30pm in the York High School Commons. This year there will be a "blind taste test" where celebrity tasters from the community attempt to name the pizzeria and type of pizza. The "blind taste test" will begin at 6pm.

Bryan Band Community
The Bryan Band Festival Concert for 5th-12th graders that was originally scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 5th and canceled due to inclement weather will now occur on Monday evening, February 25 at Bryan Middle School. The Concert will officially start at 7:00 p.m. and should conclude by 8:00 p.m.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade
Anyone interested in organizing a group of Lincoln students, parents, and teachers to walk in the Elmhurst St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Saturday, March 9, 2019? If you’re interested and willing, please let me know!

Nominations for City’s Exemplary Youth Service Awards Open
The City of Elmhurst’s Commission on Youth is currently seeking nominees for its annual Exemplary Youth Service Awards, on Wednesday, April 17, 2019, at 7:00 PM at Bryan Middle School. Consider nominating an individual or group, elementary school through high school. For more information and to obtain the nomination forms, please visit Nominations will be accepted until March 9, 2019. Questions email Jackie at

Doodle for Google contest has launched
Calling all K-12 artists! The Doodle for Google contest kicked off January 8th and will close on March 18th. This year's theme is, "When I grow up, I hope..." Visit for details on how to enter.

Fri. Feb. 22: Elmhurst Reflections Opening Celebration 6:30-8:00pm
Feb 22 thru Mar 30: Elmhurst Reflections Exhibit open to the public (Judith B Salon at 263 N York St)
Mon. Feb. 25: YES Brain Book Club, 6:30pm, Lincoln
Fri. Mar. 1: Explore More Day
Mon. Mar. 4: YES Brain Book Club, 6:30pm, Lincoln
Wed. Mar. 6: Late Arrival
Sat. Mar. 9: St. Patrick’s Day Parade
Mon. Mar. 18: YES Brain Book Club, 6:30pm, Lincoln
Mon. Apr. 8: YES Brain Book Club, 6:30pm, Lincoln
Mon. Apr. 22: YES Brain Book Club, 6:30pm, Lincoln

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Ongoing Reminders…

Safety Reminders
On your way to and from Lincoln, please SLOW DOWN and drive cautiously! Please be respectful of all our neighbors’ and the safety needs of all children and families.

… Give yourself extra time to and from school and have patience, be resilient, and stay positive.
… Approach intersections, snow piles, and fenced areas with caution.
… Be respectful of Lincoln neighbors and do not park in driveways.
… Allow space for neighbors to access driveways appropriately.
… Parking at Epiphany Church is strictly reserved for prayer groups and elderly care.
… Follow all signs – yield, stop, and directional signage.

While I acknowledge I communicate persistently about traffic safety, please understand that due to the nature of our close, walking, non-bus school neighborhood, keeping our children safe is a huge priority. Our Lincoln Traffic Map can be accessed on our website if you have any questions.

Winter Gear Reminder
All students will go outside for recess unless it is raining or the temperature or wind chill is below zero degrees. All students need boots, snow pants, coats, gloves, etc. Students without snow pants are not allowed on the snow hills, and must remain on the blacktop. Starting on Friday, any students without proper winter gear will still be sent outside to get fresh air. They will be asked to stand on cleared blacktop areas. If your family is in need of winter gear items, please let me know:, and I will be happy to help find a way to provide these items.

Ongoing Service Project for Lincoln Students - Ronald McDonald House - The end of the year goal is to collect 40 lbs. of pop tabs. One pound of pop tabs is equal to 1,267 tabs. Please join in on the fun. Celebrate your pop tab collections on social media with #rmhccni.  To learn more about collecting pop tabs for Ronald McDonald House, check out this site:

Lunch Recess Volunteers
If you are interested in helping to supervise during a lunch recess you can sign up on SignUp Genius through this link: Lunch Recess Volunteers.

Headphones – Please make sure your child has a pair to use at school.
All children need headphones while working on computers. They are needed for listening to stories on Epic, for math practice on Zearn, and other web resources, as well as for all of our standardized testing. Please check with your child to see if he or she has headphones of if a new set is needed.

** Good Will accepts almost all other larger electronics items for recycling, such as toners, desktop computers, cords, flat screens, computer accessories, printers, etc.  Don’t throw them out, just drop them at GoodWill! **

For Recycling at Lincoln:  Send in your old markers, crayons, and small electronics for recycling.  Any brand of marker or crayon can be recycled and will now be collected year round at Lincoln.  We also recycle old cell phones, tablets, fitbits, ink cartridges, GPS, iPods, laptops, smart watches, eReaders, video gaming systems, handheld video gaming systems, video game accessories and controllers.  Please send these items in to school with your child. Bins are located near the library. Please contact Renee Dizillo if you have any questions:

Jen B., Principal

Posted by: Patricia Charatin Published:2/22/19
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