Lincoln Elementary School


NEW - Hillside Updated Reminder

Due to no supervision at the corner of Hillside and Prairie Path, we need to watch for the safety of our walking students. Please consider these safety measures and help by going over these reminders with your children.


1) Children should NOT cross the street at the Hillside/Prairie Path intersection during pickup (nor any other time). Please tell your children to wait for your car to arrive at the Lincoln pickup location where we have adult supervision. Children need to stay away from the Hillside/Prairie intersection and away from the street traffic. If your child is not able to follow these directions, please park around the block away from the car line and walk up to the school to get your child.


2) Cars should keep 2-3 car lengths of clear space in front of where the east and westbound lanes merge at Prairie Path/Hillside. This should allow traffic not involved in pickup to pass through the intersection safely.


3) While it is understood that people live east of school, merging from the west is ideal. We would rather have these safety measures in place, even if it means it takes cars a little bit longer to pass through the moving car line on Hillside. Please consider your options for traveling westbound down Prairie Path onto Hillside.


Thank you for taking the time to read these additional safety reminders. With snow piles now making travel to and from school more dangerous, especially for our students and parents who commit to walking, we strive for student safety. If you have any questions about the flow of traffic around Lincoln, please consult our traffic map, located on the school website.

Posted by: Patricia Charatin Published:12/5/18
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