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No Parking Message

No Parking at Epiphany Church - Reminder
Due to the parking needs each day at Epiphany Church - Senior Care and Prayer Groups – please refrain from parking at Epiphany Church when dropping off or picking up children from school. All parking spots at Epiphany are reserved for the programs described above, and even one or two parents parking cars to walk children over to the school is creating parking issues for Senior Care and the Prayer Groups. It is understood how rushed mornings can feel, and how convenient it seems to park at Epiphany. However, the parking spots at Epiphany are needed and Lincoln families are kindly asked to park around the block, or drop students off in the Hillside or Fairfield carline locations. If you have any questions about parking, please contact the Lincoln office. Thank you!

Posted by: Patricia Charatin Published:11/28/18
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