Lincoln Elementary School


STEM FEST 2018-2019 - Sound

STEM Fest is an evening event at Lincoln for students (and parent volunteers) to learn more about Sound through hands-on activities and experiments!  We will be exploring many aspects of sound through Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, including:

  • How does the ear work?  And how do hearing aids help people hear?
  • What happens to the ear when sound is too loud?
  • How does sounds travel through the air?  Through other objects?
  • How is sound created with different pitches?  And how do I plot these different pitches on a graph?

STEM Fest is held on two different nights for different ages:

Grades K-2:  Thursday, January 24, 6:00-7:30pm

Grades 3-5:  Thursday, February 7, 6:30-8:00pm


Interested students MUST REGISTER IN ADVANCE for STEM Fest.  The deadline to register is Thursday, January 10.  Students will be placed on teams, and must stay with their teams for the entire event.  Parent volunteers are needed to help the event run smoothly, and can register on the same form.  To register for the event, please click HERE.


For questions, please contact the STEM Fest Co-Chairs, Kristi Phipps ( and Travis Buzzell (