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Drama Club

Drama Club

DRAMA CLUB                                                                                                                     
Do you enjoy being in the spotlight?  Then Drama Club is for you!  In this club the students will write their own short plays to perform.  After working together to write and rehearse their plays, we will have a spring performance to showcase their work.

Sponsor:  Mrs. Rizzo and Ms. Traven and

Who Can Attend?  5th Grade
Meeting Dates:  Wednesdays: 10/3, 10/17, 10/31, 11/14, 11/28, 12/5, 12/19, 1/9, 1/23, 2/6, 2/20, 3/6, 3/20
Meeting Times:  11:00 – 11:30 AM in Room 207
*Dates will be added closer to our performance.


Click here to get the permission form for Drama.


To help make this year as successful as possible, members of Drama Club are expected to be at all meetings.
A student is considered excused:

  • the student is absent from school
  • the student is working with a teacher at the teacher’s request and brings a note to us from the teacher within the school day
  • we receive a parent note explaining why the student will not be in rehearsal

Drama Club is a wonderful experience for the students, and attendance is crucial in order for the groups to write and rehearse their plays with all group members.  We need every student’s commitment in order to make it a great year together!
Actions for Absences

  • 1 unexcused absence:  one-on-one conversation with the student about their absence
  • 2 unexcused absences:  call/email home
  • 3 unexcused absences:  removal from Lincoln Drama Club

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us:
Information regarding our spring performance will be given out after Winter Break.

Click here to get the parent permission form.

Drama Club

Sponsor:  Mrs. Rizzo and Ms. Traven